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B-kin CRM is designed from scratch to be your first professional CRM software application once you and your business outgrow paper-based reports, e-mail systems or spreadsheets to keep track of the commercial pipeline.

Being the best fit for an entry-level CRM application is not just a matter of good software design and well-defined functionality. It also requires the affordable cost and flexibility that only on-demand software can give.

Take your first step into professional CRM software and try B-kin CRM for free!


Online software

B-kin CRM is only available online. It couldn't be otherwise to provide the value it brings to your sales process at the cost and flexible term it does!

B-kin CRM is constantly updated. Don't worry; you will always have the latest version. There is nothing to install. You can use it from any geographical location and access it from your favorite browser. All you need is Internet access. And, of course, you can choose secure encrypted access for maximum confidentiality in your transactions.

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B-kin CRM is available in English and Spanish.

Free B-kin CRM trial

B-kin invites you to try our Free CRM software without any obligation.

  • The trial version offers you all the available features just like the full version: you can add new users, prepare sales campaigns, create quotes, develop opportunities, etc. It provides you with all you need to make B-kin CRM your essential working tool for your sales team and management. You can use the trial version for a period of 30 days. All the data introduced during this trial period will always be available should you decide to subscribe during or after the trial period.

  • The Free version is limited in functionality, but it is a good way to start using a CRM software if you're not yet ready to pay anything for it.

Registered now for either the free or the trial version! You can do so by filling in the form below and right away obtain the information needed to start using your first CRM software application.


B-kin CRM Free version

B-kin CRM Free is a free but limited version of B-kin CRM, our CRM software for the management of your customers.

Free CRM Software

B-kin CRM Free is a free CRM solution where you can:

  • Manage sales activities.
  • Maximize opportunities.
  • Centralize all your information on leads, accounts, contacts, etc.
  • Manage campaigns.

The Free version of B-kin CRM software includes the following restrictions:

  • You can only access information under your responsibility. You cannot access information managed by other users.
  • You cannot configure permissions.
  • You cannot configure roles.
  • You cannot configure groups of users.
  • You cannot export files to Microsoft Excel.
  • You do not have access to reports.
  • Space to store documents is limited. Document storage depends on the number of active users. For each user you have 5 MB of space available.
  • Technical support is limited to B-kin CRM discussion forums.
  • Every time you access the application, an information page with corporate information, news, updates, notices, etc. will be displayed.

Despite these limitations, you can use B-kin CRM Free for an unlimited period if time.

If you have not yet registered, then enter your information on the registration form and find out how to increase your customer base, and attend to them correctly using a professional CRM solution. It's easy, free and online!

More information?

Please e-mail us at info@b-kin.com to request more information on B-kin CRM.


Free trial!!

Click here for a free 30-day trial.
Free B-kin CRM

Check our free CRM software with limited features.

Click here and check the features of the free version of B-kin CRM.

If you have not yet registered, click here for the CRM software free of charge.

CRM software Affordable!

For 19 USD / EUR per month / per user.

CRM software Users in our CRM software

Our CRM software allows to share all information on customers between the sales team.

Add users

It's easy. Enter in B-kin CRM software and in the settings tab, click on the option New user.

More information

Visit the news for more information on the CRM software.
CRM software Online

Share your information with your sales team and see how online software works.

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If you wish to have more information on our CRM software here is how to contact us:

+34 911 876 390

+34 944 316 542


Free CRM software

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